Ten Things We Learned at TEDxBend

BEND, Ore. - May 17, 2017 - Last weekend Cascade Angels had the honor of sponsoring and attending TEDxBend. The theme was US HUMANS: Exploring What Makes Us Human. Speakers touched on the human experience and what we can all do to be more connected to ourselves and each other. From scheduling time to be “unplugged” to slowing down to investing in others, we were reminded of what makes us human.

Here are Ten Things We Learned at TEDxBend:

1.       Moments of silence lead to thinking, dreaming and imagining. In an increasingly connected world, we must schedule time to be unplugged. That’s when the magic happens. (Gail Lovelace Menasco)

2.       Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. (Dr. David Geier)

3.       Develop compassion in the face of opposition. (Simon Tam)

4.       We are all humans and sometimes humans make mistakes. Slow down and weigh the consequences of your actions. (Kevin Grove)

5.       Develop a network of friendships that will build and sustain you. (Ron Fritz)

6.       Be married to solving a problem, not married to your solution. (Daniela Papi-Thornton)

7.       Ask yourself “What would we do if we were brave?” (Michael Welp)

8.       Draw a picture of your dream future. Outline three steps that can help you achieve your dream. Change your mind. If your mind is standing in the way of your dream, change it. Dial down your ego and crank up your creative genius. (Patti Dobrowolski)

9.       Consciously considering concepts is what makes us human. (Ysanne Spevack)

10.   Invest in people. When you decide to put your time and energy into another human, have guidelines and set clear expectations for them. (Frank Patka)

For more information about TEDxBend, visit www.TEDxBend.com.